How to Win the Shift to Mobile with Micro-Moments

For consumers and brands alike, mobile has forced a rewriting of the rules. Is your brand ready to win big capitalizing on the shift to mobile?

Consumers have become more empowered than ever to get what they want, when they want it. Waiting has become a thing of the past. That translates into today’s prevalent micro-moment behavior — immediately turning to a device to know, go, do, and buy.

Most of the adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach. 91% to be exact. Shoppers today are attached to their mobile devices, checking their phones an average of 150 times per day.

When we combine this with the fact that people spend around 170 minutes per day on their mobile devices it illustrates an interesting truth: shoppers have hundreds of very brief interactions with their mobile device every day. And that’s where micro-moments occur.

What are micro-moments?

Currently we have countless mobile interactions, like messaging a friend, typing a quick work email while commuting home, or posting our latest holiday photos to Facebook or Instagram. These types of moments are a common part of our lives, although they’re not moments when we’re necessarily looking to engage with brands. But in other moments, we’re very open to the influence of brands.

These are the moments when we want help with our choices or making decisions. For brands, these moments are an open invitation to engage and for which they have to be ready. Google calls these micro-moments. They’re the moments when we turn to a device — often a smartphone — to take action on whatever we need or want at that very moment.

More specifically, these are actions you can target to supply users with what they need, want or lack to take that next step towards doing business with your brand.

Typically, people have too many distractions.

How can your company win with micro-moments?


Being there across all stages of the consumer journey, not just when someone is ready to buy. To accomplish this, companies should consider four key moments that represent the full variety of user needs.

I-Want-to-Know Moments: Customers are exploring or researching, but not yet in purchase mode. They want useful information and maybe even inspiration, not the hard sell.

I-Want-to-Go Moments: People are looking for a local business or are considering buying a product at a local store. Being there means getting physical businesses in their mindset at that moment.

I-Want-to-Do Moments: These may come before or after the purchase. Either way, these are “how to” moments when people want help with getting things done or trying something new.

I-Want-to-Buy Moments: The all-important buy moments are when a shopper is ready to make a purchase and may need help determining what, how, or where to buy.


Companies need to do more than just show up, they need to be useful and meet the users’ needs at each and every of those moments. This said, it means connecting people to what they’re looking for in real time and providing relevant information when they need it.

Consumers of today don’t wait. How long can you wait for a web page to load?


Consumers of today don’t wait. They demand to have what they want in a matter of seconds. Otherwise you lose them. Maybe forever. They are spoiled and they want to satisfy their needs now. They want immediate gratification, and they’re making decisions faster than ever before. If you can’t do that for them, they’ll simply switch to another merchant’s solutions. That is why your company’s mobile experience has to be fast and frictionless, eliminating steps and anticipating needs.

One way of eliminating steps would be to implement one-click functionality. The step from research to purchase should be a simple and seamless one. Give the consumer multiple ways to buy and pay for their purchase. Implementing mobile payment solutions is a robust way to boost sales by improving transaction speeds.

Direct mobile billing has multiple advantages for merchants. As it does not require users to sign up for any accounts, payments can be completed with just one step. This creates an improved checkout experience over bank-based payment solutions. It also reduces the number of dropouts, especially on mobile devices.

If you want to learn more on how your business can get optimised for the moments that matter, or would like to inquire about how to make your payment portfolio micro-moment friendly, get in touch with us here at Siru Mobile.

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