Siru Nominated for Customer Experience Award at Restaurant tech

Siru’s mobile payment solution for restaurants is why Finnish company is recognized as ‘innovators who have broken new ground in optimizing customer service, and creating new and unforgettable experiences for diners’.

Delivering a consistent customer experience has always been the mission of Siru Mobile. We believe that technology can clearly help to boost productivity and efficiency in restaurant operations, but it also has to simplify, not complicate, the customer experience. As simplicity is the essential sophistication for the industry.

The evolution of restaurant clients’ expectations

This is the key to successfully meet ever evolving customers’ expectations. We know that restaurant clients now want better options such as online ordering, payment flexibility, and customization. And we know how to address those needs and increase customer brand loyalty. With all that taken into consideration, Siru Mobiel has been chosen among hundreds of companies to be nominated for the Customer Experience Award 2017 at one of the biggest events for innovationstransforming the restaurant industry.

The simplicity of Siru’s Direct Carrier Billing technology goes a long way towards improving the customer experience, by improving transaction speeds. Given that three — fifths of all shoppers abandon an order or a purchase when faced with a long queue, the faster checkout and processing times that our mobile payment offer could show dramatic results in boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

World’s easiest way to pay by mobile phone. We specialize in payment technology and mobile payment concepts based on carrier billing. Our expertise range from t

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