Here’s how Mr. Hari saved 39% on his electricity bill despite the rains

Earlier this month we posted a story on how Mr. Chakravarty saved over 56% on his June 2016 electricity bill.

For July 2016, we have an interesting update from Mr. Hari in Pitampura, a neighborhood in North West Delhi. We installed a 4 KW system at his residence a few months back. His latest bill is for the period of 5 July 2016 to 31 July 2016. In these 27 days, solar generated 272 units, of which:

  1. He consumed 153 units to reduce his import from utility to 543 units
  2. He exported the extra 119 units back to his utility

Pic 1 shows import of 543 units and export of 119 units for a net bill of 424 Units.

Pic 1: Imported 543 Units less Exported 119 Units = Net Bill of 424 Units

As Pic 2 shows, after going solar his net bill is 424 Units. If he did not have solar, his bill would have been 424 +272 = 696 Units.

Pic 2: Net Bill for 424 Units

Savings of 272 Units on a 696 units means a 39% saving!

The big question of rain!

We often get asked does solar work in the rainy season? Historically, July is the rainiest month in Delhi. Despite that our system was able to produce 272 Units in those 27 days, which is about 10 units / day vs our average assumption of 16–18 units / day for a 4 KW system. Its great to see solar performance of more than 60% even in the rainy season.

This is what Mr. Hari had to say about us:

“I found their whole team very professional, cordial and practical in setting up the whole system. I wish all of them my best and wish that they grow and make a big difference to the energy needs and people of this country.”

Mr. Hari is a Smart Indian. Are you?

— — —

Note: The bills in Delhi do not show the solar check meter reading i.e. the 272 Units.

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