You’re Engaged? Kaabo

Try not to freak out.

Well, yes!

Hopefully, you and your partner have been talking marriage before today and the question did not spring up on you suddenly. If yes, well Congratulations! If no, well… Congratulations!

If you’re like me with less than a year to plan a beautiful wedding, here’s a chair, let’s bawl together.

I am three months and 1 week in — 1 year of active discussion with both families in so, this was a formality. A really really really important formality. Anyhoo, enough of the drama and let’s get into it!

What should you do?

1. Inform your family — I really hope that your parents love you and your partner and are accepting of you both. Oh and Engager, I hope you carried the parents along in your secret plans. If yes or if not, and your parents are that important to you, tell them. On the phone, call! Scream. Shout. Receive their prayers.

2. Okay, announce on Social Media — Because, I’m too sure your fambambestiesandcoplanners already told Social Media ahead of you. Well, go ahead. Tell them. Make your announcement. Should you show your ring? Well, someone probably already did. Just remember that the intent is always key. What’s in your heart, darling?

3. Pick a season — I want to say pick a date, but I know wisdom is profitable to direct. When will you like to get married? In 3 months? A year? A week? Tomorrow? Hello, Vegas! Discuss with your partner what season will be suitable for this wedding.

4. Set up a Pinterest board (or share the one you opened 3 years ago when you were having faith) with your besties! This is serious o. I’m not even joking. Start actively pinning all your ideas, it’s necessary. Share your dream with your friends and let them go a-screengrabbing and pinning!

5. Pick an Introduction Date — Not season o, date. What is an introduction? You know how they show up at your father’s house to say things like “we have seen a flower in your garden, a ripe fruit upon the great tree known as this family that shall never be cut down”. You get the point. What style of introduction? Parents only? Parents and Immediate family members only? Parents, immediate family and friends? Or, gbogbo Ebi iya iya iya Baba wa under 10 canopies? Cost that! Remember, you’re hosting the Engager’s family. Your fam will be responsible for prepping food for any number of people you choose. The guy’s family should bring gifts though. Don’t show up at your engagee’s house empty handed.

Bonus: Start looking around actively for sales and giveaways regarding weddings et al. You need as much help as you can get in this economic climate.

I stopped here because this is where I am right now. More details after… Part 1.