Social Media In The Wine Industry

Château d’ Yquem & Château Cheval Blanc


Château d’ Yquem and Château Cheval Blanc both are luxury wine brands with long history and high reputation. Château d’ Yquem is created since 1593 in France. Château Cheval Blanc started in 1832 in France too. Both of them are the oldest winery in that area, and both châteaux are acquired by LVMH Group in 1999 and 1998, separately. Also, the manager of both châteaux is a same person- Pierre Lurton. These two wineries share a lot of commons, however, they have the difference attitudes with social media.

Château d’Yquem

Even though the Château d’ Yquem is the oldest brand of wine & spirits sector in LVMH Group, the brand never gives up on “innovation” which means using social media to promote the brand and steady the customers’ loyalty. On the LVMH official website, the user can easily find the Château d’ Yquem brand in the wine & spirits sector. And there is a detailed introduction which include the background, address, official website, identity, icon, insights and savoir-fair about the brand. When the user clicks the official website on LVMH site, it will transfer to the official website automatically. At the Château d’Yquem official website, the particularly worth mentioning is that château is open for the public to visit. Visitors can fill in the personal information, date to visits, language choice (French or English), and pay 60 euros to make a reservation. Moreover, the Château d’Yquem have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. One of the pros for Yquem is that the contents posted on the social media is English rather than French. It allows more people to understand the contents, and engage in it.

The Château Cheval Blanc is the top ten vineyard in the world as same as the Château d’ Yquem. The interest thing is that even though the manager of Château Cheval Blanc is the same manager as Château d’Yquem, Château Cheval Blanc barely use social media. When I tried to search the Château Cheval Blanc, and type the brand name on social media like Instagram, there are 1324 hashtags about this brand, but there is no official Instagram account. Same situation on the other dominant social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Customer can find the hashtags on these social media, but except the LVMH Group official website and Château Cheval Blanc official website, customer could not find other official social media to follow their information and updates.

Why Social Media

In the past, luxury wine châteaux advertise their brand by word-of-mouth. As long as they keep the quality, high class people will know the good wine by people’s recommendation. However, today, because the economics, life style, and consume pattern changed, more and more people can afford and will to buy the luxury wine. However, most of them do not have nobility background, and do not know about the wine before. It is not difficult to imagine how the new generation to get the information they wanted! They will use social media by others’ post about taste experience to know about the wine brand and choose which wine they want to try. Therefore, the importance of using social media is identity the brand to the public and expanding the customer market.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own