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School Supplies presented to Assistant Deputy Headmaster and Mayor of Zomba, by Urbana delegation members

Contributed by: Councilman Dennis Roberts of Urbana, Illinois

Several years after receiving a grant to address urban poverty through water, health, and sanitation projects, Urbana, Illinois continues to help its sister city Zomba, Malawi reach its full potential through projects that improve the lives of Zomba citizens.

The relationship between Urbana and Zomba began in 2008. Two years later, Urbana was awarded an African Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (AUPAP) grant to address local health problems in sister city Zomba as well as promote peace and prosperity through people-to-people collaboration. …

Contributed by Rick Burns, Founder & President of the Karadah Project and member of the Council Bluffs Sister Cities Association

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LTC Burns gives state flag to Karadah District CHairman Mohammad al Rubaye

As one who has played a small part in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a soldier, I have often thought of General Dwight D. …

Contributed by Tonya R. Richardson of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Wilmington, DE.

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Final bows at the capstone concert

The Wilmington Children’s Chorus (WCC) said goodbye, again to good friends this summer after hosting Germany’s Kammerorchester der Jugend Fulda (Fulda Youth Orchestra) for a week of combined rehearsals, performances, friendship, and fun, which began on July 21. The collaboration concluded in a gala concert held on July 29.The project was sponsored in part by Sister Cities of Wilmington, Delaware and the City of Wilmington.

The 2017 collaboration between Fulda and Wilmington, who are sister cities, was the fourth time the ensembles have come together for an immersive cultural exchange project. The first exchange occurred in 2011 when 32 high school members of WCC and their chaperones traveled to Fulda and to Nemours, France, another of Wilmington’s Sister Cities. In 2013, Fulda Orchestra members came to Wilmington and wowed audiences in a standing-room-only concert at St. …



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