Fears and insecurities

Everyone has fears both physical and metaphorical, there are also various combinations of both. But we get trapped far to often in the “what if” of our fear.

What if fears, those are usually irrational and rare to actually occur. What if I get bitten by a shark? I don’t get that one at all. Are You planning on being in shark infested waters anytime soon?

No, right?

Stop thinking about sharks. Because it’s outrageous; think about all the stuff you would be surrounded by if you were – like an ocean. We’re from Ontario, so if we are near an ocean , we’re likely in very close proximity to the following things: free or very cheap unlimited booze, beautiful shirtless men, groups of friends and families having the time of their lives, warm sand beneath my feet, the smell of coconut scented tanning oil, etc. Those are all things that fire up my soul. That has to be a great thing.

Think about it – it fired your soul up right? Me too.

And if that doesn’t world -you are more likely to get hit by a car walking across the street. Let that sit with you for a second and relax because you’re losing it. That is just my opinion because I don’t fear being bitten buy a dumb fuck of a shark. Regardless, I do get it. No statistic is going to ease that particular persons fear. They get deeply consumed by it and will probably never swim in the ocean. For me it’s frogs or toads – they can fuck off. All of them. They are gross and creep me the fuck out. I also know that’s a strange fear… Like the fear of mustard. But they don’t get to win – that’s my point – I’m not going to miss the chances going down to the lake at dusk for a

Fire because my fear is telling me that that is prime frog/toad habitat. Find the friend that will make that frog disappear in an instant should it try to infiltrate your evening.

Just don’t lose it over your fears – not all the time at least. Recognize when your body starts reacting to your stressors. Sometimes you will know why but you may not. And that’s okay. But I hope you have a friend that can laugh at your crazy, judge you for it and then share theirs with you. Keep you grounded because after all we all just have to live through life. The problems start getting real when we start taking it too seriously.