In-flight carry on travel tips, well almost.

I will be honest.

I am very enticed by travel inspired products. However, very seldom are they really useful in a way you thought they would be. So now how?

Here’s some ‘stuff ‘ that I lug in my backpack these days for long haul flights and it seems to be working in not just making the trip comfortable, but also takes very little space and satisfies the OCD in me. The list and visual aid below:

1) An eye patch: Pick up a free one from the airline next time around. A perfect way to fall asleep even before take-off. Ah, the pirates had it good !

2) Water bottle: Of course you get water in all flights so why carry a bottle? Well many serve in small serve packs (think plastic waste) or in plastic glasses and you just might want to keep constant hydration close to you at all times. S’well is a great product to look at but reusing a bottle for a short while is also cool.

3) Book, Book. Does not need to be switched off, no charging, and no distraction. And the smell of a book. If there is one thing you take, this is it. And a book to write. And a pen. : )

4) Music & earphones. Spotify and Seinheiser ear buds makes all the boring walks & waits at the airport a breeze and you also don’t need to wait for the air-hostess to distribute the headphones and can continue to watch your favourite show for a tad longer. Ta da!

5) Moisturizer, hand cream, vaseline…whatever keeps your skin happy. Stop rolling your eyes, guys. Dry skin doesn’t put anyone in a good mood. Travel packs of Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream, a small vaseline and you can easily amp up your in-flight comfort by a few notches. Business class travellers, please excuse us. : )

6) Layering and being warm. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone coming down with a cold from a long flight, I wouldn’t be too rich but would have enough to buy myself the occasional drink : ). Carry an extra layer irrespective of the weather at your origin or destination. Keep it light and multifunctional, and thank me later.

7) Fruit. Nuts. Chocolate. Tea bags! So this is specifically for those who have dietary issues and those who hate airline food and tepid tea, which is most of us these days. I carry a hardy fruit (no pun intended!!) and a small pack of nuts which does wonders when it comes to hunger pangs!

So, I skip the neck pillow as not only is it bulky but also full service airlines provide pillows and to be honest, I was never really comfortable with them, but that’s just me.

There, now I need to get on to that flight. : )