Mary Doe Speaks: Her Story — The Satanic Temple, a Case Experience

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4 min readFeb 14, 2019

Reproductive Rights in Missouri

The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae has undertaken Three Great Acts: to Witness, to Measure, and to Pronounce. Today, Mary Doe from The Satanic Temple’s reproductive rights campaign contacted our order to inform the OSS that her case was dismissed as of today, but not before she herself withdrew from the case. Or rather, attempted to.

Curiously, on February 6th, 2019 Mary Doe informed TST’s attorney that she no longer wanted any part of the case and was seeking to officially withdraw as plaintiff, one week later… the case was dismissed.

Being that our co-founder worked closely with Mary personally during this time as a once Temple member herself, she was able to easily vouch for Mary’s identity. Mary requested our assistance in telling her story to the world.

Though our interview was brief, we asked Mary what precipitated her withdrawal, and what role TST may have played in the events that came about.

OSS: How did you become involved with The Satanic Temple?

Mary: Several of my friends were already involved with them. I found myself pregnant and couldn’t keep the child. I asked a friend for help. I wasn’t exactly religious. A friend recommended them. I went to their website and looked at the tenets, I loved them. My friends told me TST was looking for someone in an abortion restrictive state who was seeking abortion services.

Former Satanic Temple members of Missouri state they chose the name “Mary” for “what should be obvious reasons.”

OSS: What was it like trying to obtain an abortion in Missouri?

Mary: There were a lot of obstacles. I had to pay for the procedure. Your OSS co-founder paid for travel and lodging out of her own pocket and from donations, but there was still an undue hardship. There was only this one clinic in the whole state of Missouri that did the procedure. I lived in Greene County which was 4.5 hours away from Saint Louis. I had to pay for food for three days, diapers, I missed work and feared losing my job. After all of it, I had to ride home those 4.5 hours with a child on my lap.

OSS: Did you feel you were in good hands?

Mary: I had a false sense of security. The Missouri Chapter was good, but this was early on. Beyond that, I didn’t realize how far differing some opinions in TST went. There were anti-Semites as well as other hate-filled individuals who had found their way into TST.

I felt like I was championed pretty well at first… When it was lucrative for them and they could make money off of my case. As soon as I questioned them, they began handling things weirdly. I contacted the attorney to pull out of the case almost 3 years ago. His response was to impose a gag order on me.

I couldn’t speak to anyone in TST, not even friends. I heard from no one for years.

Document from Mary Doe depicting her Temple banishment and gag order came at a price.

OSS: When did you first begin to question the authenticity of TST?

Mary: I had wanted to pull out of the case for some time, but I stuck with it because I believed in the tenets and in TST. But their open willingness to align themselves with the alt-right? I couldn’t agree with that. I’m not ok with hate pointed in any direction.

OSS: Can you tell us what you felt on the day of the procedure?

Mary: I was anxious. Fearful. But overall what I experienced was relief. I had no regrets. I would’ve been financially and emotionally devastated by another pregnancy. I already have a child. This pregnancy would’ve impinged on my child’s welfare and would’ve further impoverished me. I felt no loss. No guilt. All I felt was relief… that life could go on even though it was a struggle.

Planned Parenthood St. Louis, Missouri. Photo courtesy OSS.

OSS: On February 6th of this year you notified the attorney for TST that you were withdrawing from the case?

Mary: I wanted to withdraw from the case for some time, but I was stuck because I believed in the case. I think it’s a convenient coincidence that their withdrawal comes just a few days after my own decision.

OSS: Were your wishes respected? Did they allow you to withdraw from the case in 2016?

Mary: I was ignored at first. I was banished and not allowed to speak to anyone else in TST. Doug (Lucien) and I had a falling out. Following that I talked to the attorney to withdraw. He convinced me to stay on board. I still believe in the case, but I don’t want TST in my life.

OSS: What would you like us to know that we haven’t covered?

Mary: People should question TST before they join. They aren’t for gay rights, women’s rights, trans rights or anything. Do your research. They are out to make a name and nothing else. They didn’t care about me, I was a cash-cow to them.

Planned Parenthood Columbia, Missouri. Currently the subject of an FBI investigation regarding a recent arson attempt as a Hate Crime. Photo Google Maps.



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