Give All You Can, but with “Eyes Wide Open” about where your money goes…

The people who need the most help are not getting it — and that needs to change.

My personal thoughts:

We can give in many ways and should always be looking at ways to expand our circle of compassion. Know where your contributions are going and what they are going for. It’s easy to give to a big campaign, but if you know where you want your money to go, it will go further if you give DIRECTLY to the organization. And, that way they get it all and don’t have cuts going to multiple administrative budgets, dwindling the actual amount you hoped to go to the cause.

Try new things: Volunteer at the local community kitchen — and not just on Thanksgiving or Christmas — they have to turn people away during these times, but they desperately need help those other 363 days of the year, and look at international organizations as well. Make sure you are taking care of God’s Earth through your personal footprint and supporting those organizations and businesses that are being environmentally sustainable and progressive. Make sure the animals — God’s creatures — are safe and protected and have quality of life. And, always report any domestic violence and / or animal abuse. Be aware: There is a strong connection with animal abuse and domestic violence so “eyes open” when you sense something wrong.

Finally, look at administrative budgets and look at what percentage of your money actually goes to the cause. You may or may not want to support a charitable organization that has paid directors / CEOs / Presidents and multiple executive-level staff paid over 100k. Unfortunately, this is happening a lot and will continue until people speak out. It’s time we looked at the administrative budgets of all charitable organizations and non-profits — including churches. And, it is also time we looked deeper at Congress and all government. The people who need the most help are not getting it — and that needs to change.

Read the story below, and take note of the “house parties.” I think that is a good way to turn around the mess we are in right now and begin looking at creative ways to give more and make our money, time, and efforts go where needed most.

Let us all “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.” ‪#‎SpeakTruthToPower‬

Inside Story: 5 Reasons Christians Should Be Generous

“Generosity is not about money. It’s about changed lives. Whenever it becomes money-focused or money-based, generosity loses its purity and no longer operates out of the hope of 3:16.

In 2006 Warren Buffet committed much of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Shortly thereafter, Gates and Buffet organized a number of dinners where the world’s wealthiest individuals and families were invited to talk about philanthropy and charitable giving.

The hope was to get them to sign on to The Giving Pledge — a public commitment by billionaires to sit down, decide how much money they and their progeny needed, and figure out how the rest could be invested in charitable causes aimed at changing lives.

As of January 2015, 128 billionaire or former billionaire individuals and couples have signed the Giving Pledge.

Though I was never invited to one of these dinners — and perhaps you weren’t either — we still have five compelling reasons to be generous. Whose life could be changed forever if you decided to live more generously?”


Peace + Love


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