No More “Struggle Porn”
Nat Eliason

This is actually me Glenton

Didn’t feel like upgrading just to comment.

You were very selective in the way you chose to frame Gary. You immediately follow this framing with mentions of sustained failure, dropshipping, and instafamous? LoL, these are all thing Gary has spoken out against repeatedly as not being real.

“ Notably absent is the step where you get to start with a $3,000,000 wine business”

Absent? He starts every single one of his talks with being an immigrant from Russia and taking his father’s wine biz from $3 million to $60 million. I’ve had that critique of Gary as well. He didn’t start from the bottom for real, but it wasn’t a silver spoon either. That aside, It’s a relatable starting point, especially for people from 3rd world countries like myself. To say it’s been absent from his narrative, though, come on bruh.

I would have respected this article and your core point if you didn’t choose to make it about someone you clearly didn’t do enough research on. This could have been a great article on self awareness, knowing when to stop, pivoting, etc (which Gary also speaks on quite a bit). That would have been great.

Instead, this has been relegated to a “Gary Vee take-down” piece, that reeks of Klout chasing.

Congrats, though, it worked, even got Gary’s attention, now make something of it.