Amazing ideas to Make your Personalised Hoodies Stand Out

So you love to wear a hoodie. Well you are not alone. Most of us love wearing hoodies from time to time especially when the weather gets colder, but chances are a lot of people are wearing the same brands we all know. There is nothing wrong with that but if you are the type that wants to wear something different and unique, then you are better off creating your own personalised hoodies. In this article, we are going to provide you with some great ideas to make your hoodies stand out from the crowd.

It is very simple to design your own hoodie. The only real limitation is your imagination. There are lots of tools that can be used to get that design that is just perfect for you.

Making your own personalised hoodies has never been easier than with Branddis. With at least 40 colours to choose from, there is most definitely a choice for even the fussiest of people. In this write up, we will be looking at 3 simple ways you can make your hoodies stand out and get a few “wow where did you get that from” looks when next you wear your personalised hoody.

We have loads of ideas for you to design your customised hoodies, but our top three are below.

1. Design a hoodie with Graffiti image

If you know how to design a graffiti image then you can use this to make your hoodie look trendy. The great thing about Graffiti is that there are lots of designs you can create from it. If you have Photoshop and Illustrator, creating a graffiti image is easy but if don’t know how and want to learn, then you can read this article on 29 Graffiti Tutorials using Photoshop/Illustrator ( originally published on This is a resource on various ways to create a graffiti image. All we would add is that once you have created your image, you will need to save it as a JPEG or PNG image of at least 300dpi then visit Branddis to personalise your hoodie. If you are thinking of making a multi-coloured image, you are better of creating this on a plain white hoodie. A plain colour design will work well on other hoodie colours. So, choose your colours and designs carefully. Look at the one we have made using the techniques described above. What do you think?

2. Design a hoodie with Word Cloud Image

If you know how to use Adobe Illustrator, it is quite easy to create a word cloud. If you don’t, then there are lots of Word Cloud tools you can select from but one of our favourites is Tagul. This is an online word cloud generator that helps you create word cloud art easily. All you need do is to sign up with them. It is free for personal use and amazing because you can upload your image to create a word cloud. If you’d rather not do this, you can use the existing shapes on the platform. If you want to download a high-res PNG image, you will pay a small fee. You can generate lots of word cloud images with this. Look at what we have created using Adobe illustrator. It is a simple Hi-5 image that could look good on either a white or coloured hoodie.

3. Design a hoodie with Collage Images

A collage image is another way to make your personalised hoodies stand out from the crowd. There are loads of photo editors that will give you the perfect collage and two free photo editors that you can use are Pixlr and CollageIt. You can get the free versions downloaded for amazing collage designs. Once you’ve created your collage, you can easily then use this to design your own hoodie. Again, nice colour photos will look best on a white hoodie. What do you think about this lovely collage hoodie created on Branddis create-your-own platform?

So, whether you want to show your backing for a sports team or a musical act, show someone you care about them by giving a special personalised gift, want the world to know what you are thinking or just want to show off your great creative style on Instagram, the cool ideas we have just shared will be sure to help you make a statement.