Make Haste, Make Stage

There was the lad — wistfully,

There was the lady in the veil;

Alas, did she wear it then willfully,

O, did she not will otherwise?

Them people - not restful, nor quiet,

Why, the scene could pass for a riot,

The lad being wistfully,

The lady being ladily,

What reason is there — reasonably,

To decorate this ness tirelessly,

Them players shall make stage hastily?

The evening shall dress them all merrily,

Look ye, Look all

The shining brass blows most worthily,

Rousing them people — most frenziedly,

They danced — the lad, the lass, them all,

Even the lady who never has such a ball,

Look ye, Look all,

All that jazz is all.

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