Patch Fix — Battlefield 1 (PC) — Update v1.4

Problems with the game? Does not start, fails to start, black screen, low fps? How to fix these errors!? It is very simple, download the patch (update) and install it in the game folder. Then go to the game and apply the update.

Update v1.4 (Patch) — Battlefield Patch Fix Download

After installing the patch you will not see a technical error during the start of the game and the game itself.

Patch Fix Download Link:

Gameplay Battlefield 1
The highlight of the demo version is a Behemoth, a huge aircraft which gives you the opportunity chance to look at the battlefield from above, to bomb the enemy positions and point on the map rustling. Shoot down a flying fortress is not very easy, but if you manage to do it, the morality squad, who made the final shot (for example, from aircraft or from the tank), rises to unprecedented heights. Because there’s nothing like feeling what you did in the battle something truly meaningful, and not just sat in the trenches for 20 minutes and fired at the characters of other players who lost to the new location.

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