4 Tactics You Can “Steal” From Hillary Clinton’s Digital Campaign

I don’t vote. Nor do I care about politics. But let’s talk about Hillary Clinton for a minute. Simply because her digital campaign is an inspiration.

It’s a tradition that presidential candidates spend big bucks on advertising. As marketing evolved into the digital era the presidential campaign followed.

Let me point out some of the takeaways on how Hillary Clinton’s digital campaign plays out and how you can apply them to your business.

Tactic #1 Create “Top of Mind” Awareness

It’s no coincidence that I wrote about Hillary Clinton instead of anyone else.

And it has nothing to do with my political opinions, like I said I don’t care much about politics. Yet when I hear about the 2016 presidential candidates, Clinton comes to mind.

This is “top of mind” awareness.

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of “awareness” . Because it’s hard to measure. Yet, it can be powerful.

If you manage a small-to-medium sized business, you may not have much money to spend on “awareness”. But from time to time, you can afford to make some “noise”, let people know you’re out there.

Tactic #2 Have Multiple Media Channels

Just google “Hillary Clinton” and see what comes up. I did that as I was writing this post.

Here’s what I found: an ad using Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram…

Maybe you’re a Facebook person, or a Pinterest person, no matter what social site you use, Clinton is there.

Is your business everywhere your prospects are?

If they check Twitter feed, do you have a Twitter account set up? If they stream video on YouTube, do you have a channel to demonstrate what you’re doing?

Lesson #3 Be simple and Effective

Clinton’s ads are very image-focused. She uses her first name in this one, it feels personal and easy to identify her. And the direction she looks draws people’s attention to the text box.

Generally speaking red color provokes a sense of urgency or excitement. Used in this ad, it entices audiences to support her political campaign.

Pictures and colors can be effective, you should test different elements with your ads.

Lesson #4 Have a Strong Call-to-Action

No matter if it’s the “count me in” on her pop-up or the “join the campaign/ then donate” on her official site, there’s always a call-to-action and clear instructions on what to do next.

Yet when you check business ads or business websites, most likely you see a business-card-ish or brochure-ish website. It may look nice and fancy, but you can’t find any call-to-action other than ego strikes talking.

On average, a person receives 4000 marketing message a day, to make your digital appearance more effective, always include a call -to-action to let your prospect know what to do next.

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P.S. Can you identify how many tactics I applied in this post?