Do You Know What’s Slated to be THE M❤ST Celebrated Charity Project Of All Times ?
Let Me Introduce You To:
Six Beats Of Separation ♫

Six Beats of Separation is a Charity Art Project For Everyone

It’s a celebration of what’s possible when we share.
Share what we’re most passionate about, or what scares us more than anything. A celebration of not only what’s possible, but more importantly how nothing truly is possible until we share…share our hopes our dreams, our ideas, our deepest emotions.
Everything that’s ever come into existence first began as a thought, then most importantly, it came to be…by sharing.
Six Beats is a call to action to celebrate how one single moment in time, can change lives, not just the lives of those doing the sharing but exponentially and perpetually change lives for generations to come.

OK, That’s Poetic and All, But What Is It Really?

Celebrities, of all walks of celebrity, actors, artists, musicians, philosophers astronauts…are invited to share one song that means more to them than any other piece of music.
Their passion, in their own words…is captured in candid video interviews.
It’s then further preserved in photographs we make of them of listening to the song on headphones.
The photo-session is unlike any other, as photographer and subject both wear headphones and are connected through through the music. It’s quite the experience.
The photographs themselves are inherently special, as they each have a coinciding time-stamp from the song, denoting the exact moment in the song in which they were made.
These photos become a gateway for the viewer to connect to the subject, the song…and the emotion, in a way never before possible.
It gets better…
We then select six final images which are reproduced as posters and museum grade prints. These images affect the lives of countless others in the most profound way. How?
When purchased, the proceeds from the sale of these prints or posters, go to the charity of the celebrity subjects choice.
So you see…one person shares their deepest feelings, good or bad, and that one instance of sharing…
that one single moment, changes countless lives.

Finally A Charity For Everyone…

Six Beats Of Separation prides itself on being a project for everyone.
It’s open to celebrities of every genre of celebrity.
Actors, musicians, inventors, astronauts, philosophers.
Those who live lives that positively shape the world we live in.
It’s open to every genre of music.
From Ariana Grande to AC/DC, from Beck to Beethoven.
Every genre of human emotion will be explored and shared.
From the deepest lows, to soaring highs, from roaring laughter to sincere tears, Six Beats is about sharing, and the sharing…gets real.
But perhaps the most wonderful thing about Six Beats, is the fact that it stands to benefit not just one cause, but any and all.
With each potential new subject’s final images benefiting a different charity, Six Beats aims to be the most all inclusive charity project in history.
The more artists that participate, the more widespread the love.
And we think that’s pretty cool.

The First Six Images Of Six Beats Of Separation.
Guns n Roses Guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot” Thal

Ron’s Song Choice and the Time-stamps Of His Images
Will be Revealed When Six Beats Of Separation
Officially Goes Live.