►Get to Know a New Charity that Champions Many Causes. Meet Six Beats Of Separation™

James Brown “Get Up (I feel Like Being a) Sex Machine” used with permission.

A New Type of Charity, One That Gives More Than it Takes.

Six Beats Of Separation™ generates its operating revenue via corporate sponsors. Produces A-list celebrity entertainment media and art for consumers and in turn, benefits up to 52 carefully vetted charities a year.

We lead by example underlining our core message that a single moment shared perpetually can change the world for the better. Encouraging people to express, create, and share.

The Ethos of Six Beats Of Separation™

Part serious soul searching conversation, part warm, friendly, playful sharing, part large scale positive global impact.

Deeply Personal, Deeply Impactful.

We’ll give you a moment to absorb all the feels….

Photo Shoots With a Very Special Twist.

Photography and music both time-based mediums of art. One a slice of time, the other an arrangement of it. Both a capturing of vibrations. Photography a vibration of light, music a vibration of air. Both change the vibrations in us all as we come to welcome them into our lives. Six Beats Of Separation™ is a marriage of two of the worlds greatest bedfellows, combined in a manner to amplify their voice and use their power to move people in a way that positively and perpetually impacts the world.

A Very Special Conversation.

Organic conversations spring to life when the topic is something one feels deeply passionate about. When you invite someone to talk about their passions something magical happens. When you empower them to change the world by doing so, something lasting happens.

Prints For Art Collectors, Posters For Teenage Walls.

One moment.frozen in a photograph, becomes evidence of our mantra…That one moment shared can perpetually change the world for the better.