What will i do in July?

feel fly, be fly, fly away in daydreams

catch the rhythms of waves

watch them rise and fall

as they call

out to me

a silent scream

In July, I’ll speak honestly

but only some of the time

tell small lies

watch them multiply

just to see what happens

Maybe then, you'll believe me

switch out glasses, for contacts

only to wear glasses again

protect my bad eyes from the sun

can’t let too much light in

while I lie boldly in front of it, shunning it, yet still wanting it

to see me

I’ll be a master of something

even though, I’ll know less than I did in June

Wonder what good it is to be good

at something i hate

I’ll wait — maybe I’ll hibernate

for the summer

wonder who will want her,

want me, when this is all finished

feel like I’m losing, while they insist I’m still winning

put on something daring, start living

pick and pull at clothes

shield my body, feel less free

than I did four days, four months, four years ago

where did I go?

What will I do in July?

I’ll wait.

wait — for the world to end

cause its coming soon

wait — to see what happens

cause I can’t help

myself, it, or this

I’ll be busy in July

standing still, watching

falling deeper and deeper still

into daydreams

~ six elann

(composed on May 24, 2017, 5:35pm)

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