Authors: Dan Palmer, John Sandall

We feel that data allows for better decision making, improves policies, and forces us to be more impartial. When thinking about our logo we wanted to make sure it reflected these same values.

As with many UK electoral trackers, we thought a good starting point was to include the colours of the main parties. To many who are interested in politics these are instantly recognisable and help to convey what we’re trying to achieve.

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BBC and FT election trackers, and the Britain Elects poll aggregator logos


We’re not designers, so when it comes to logo…

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” (1)

Elections mean many things — campaign rallies, manifestos, a debate about whether there will be a debate, and, of course, polls.

Polls generate daily headlines in an election — even, or especially, when they contradict each other. Despite failing to accurately predict the result of either the 2015 general election or the Brexit referendum, a new poll can still be front page news. Public trust in opinion polls has plummeted, with one survey finding that 75% of adults don’t trust surveys(2).

So, how does…

How is it possible that an opinion poll claims to know what the whole country thinks just by asking a few hundred people?

Ask a hundred people if they like cats and around 63% will say yes, give or take a few1. If you want to be more accurate, you can even say that the number will be between 53 and 73. What if you asked a thousand people? Perhaps you’ll find 530 to 730 ailurophiles this time?

Wisdom is the daughter of experience “, according to Leonardo da Vinci, and experiencing more responses to our cat question means we…

What if the general election could be informed by real data and not just speculation?

This week 97% of MPs voted in support of holding a general election on June 8th. By calling a snap election, Theresa May is seeking to capitalise on disorganisation in the opposition and to strengthen the mandate for her Brexit strategy. As a result, the country is going to the polls for the third time in two years.

If recent revelations in the US and UK have shown us anything, it’s that unbiased, informed debate can be hard to come by in the national media…


Data Science. Machine Learning. Politics.

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