By Sunwoo Hwang, CEO, Sixup

Actress Felicity Huffman is scheduled for sentencing today after pleading guilty in the college admissions scandal that shocked the nation. A criminal conspiracy of wealthy parents who allegedly bribed university officials and cheated on tests to get their children admitted to “the right schools” makes for outrageous headlines, and people are right to be angry about it. But beyond the tabloid headlines about spoiled rich kids and celebrities on trial, there is an even BIGGER college admissions scandal that happens every day in plain sight. The real college admissions scandal is even more damaging to…

So you’ve paid for classes, housing, and books; you think you’re done for the semester but then you remember you have to find a way to buy presents for people too! Before you give up on this whole #Adulting thing, keep reading. We have a few tips that might make this holiday season a little easier to handle.

#1 Gift Exchange or Secret Santa

Talk your family into doing a white elephant gift exchange, that way you only have to get one gift. If you’ve never done a white elephant exchange check out the rules here. …

Thanksgiving brings a lot of excitement, with students all over campus asking each other where they are headed and what they’ll be doing during their time off. If you’re staying on campus during the break all this excitement can make you feel ostracized, but it doesn’t have to. Here are a few ways you can stave off the loneliness that can come with staying on campus during Thanksgiving week.

Host a Friendsgiving

While it may feel like it at times, we promise that you will not be the only one on campus this week. Round up friends and dormmates who…

Just because you can’t afford a store-bought Halloween costume doesn’t mean you can’t blow your friends away with something you put together yourself. With a little creativity and a few cheap supplies you can be the star of the party. We’ve put together a list of great costumes that are easy to put together and will only cost you a few bucks.

White Tee: All you need for to pull these costumes off is a white t-shirt and some markers.


Credit: /u/MrRicardo

This Banksy costume is inspired by current events and it’s super simple to put together. Grab some markers and…

CollegeCommunityCareer Summer 2017 Team

Partners, your words say so much more than we ever could about the impact of Sixup on our students. Thank you for sharing your experiences and entrusting us with your students.

Sixup Defined

“Sixup is an alternative option for our students to finance their dreams of higher education.”
- Danielle Cannady, Genesys Works

“Sixup is not simply a loan provider; they want students to succeed through college and do not want them to flounder because of their financial situation.”

- Stephanie Perez Gill, Cristo Rey Jesuit

Trust + Team

“Sixup’s model works in collaboration with college counselors. Additionally, Sixup views…

You’re about to graduate college or recently did and now you are entering the real world. College helped prepare you and now your lessons are being put to the test. A main goal is getting your finances under control. You may have had loans but now you have additional expenses like rent, car payments, utilities and groceries. Plus, you want some extra cash to play with. It’s never too early to start building good financial habits. Don’t get stuck in a financial hole by waiting until it’s too late.

Understand your current position and create a budget based on your…

You may be surprised but the rates for incoming transfer students aren’t far off the number for incoming freshman at four-year institutions. Per the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the rates were 62.6% (transfer students) and 64.7% (incoming freshman) for the collegiate year 2012–2013. So, if you are currently in a two-year program and want to move to a four-year school that may have greater opportunity or want to change to a school that has a better program for your major, don’t worry. Opportunities are better than you think. …

If you’re about to begin your freshman year you have less than two months to prepare and think about how to succeed and kick start this life-changing experience. We chose these top suggestions based on leading comments from current students.

  1. Develop a time-management system. Use it effectively.

Lots of Sixup students need to balance academics, homework and a job while hoping to make time to enjoy college social activities like football games and clubs. So how do they do it all? Start by following these important steps:

  • Every morning make a list to plan what you want to accomplish that…

Sixup’s first year has been tremendous. We launched in Texas and then quickly expanded to offer our loan to high-achieving, low-income students across nine states. In recognition of this growth, we sat down with one of Sixup’s earliest partners, Bryan Contreras, KIPP Through College Director at KIPP Houston Public Schools, to learn more about what Sixup has meant to him, his counselors and students.

State of College Funding

As Bryan is quick to explain, “The cost of college has been ballooning for decades, and this phenomenon has been magnified in Texas. Over the last 15 years, state funding for public…

Meet Anngellie, a junior accounting major at University of Houston. Anngellie had an issue paying for college and found Sixup to help her.

Why Sixup to help pay for college?

Anngellie says it best and most simply. “Sixup helped both me and my parents. I wanted to be able to help my parents so that they would not have to to worry about funding that gap in my tuition. Sixup made it possible for me to continue achieving my goals for myself and my family.”

Anngellie learned about Sixup through Genesys Works. As an accounting major, she did her homework…


Sixup is an online student finance & support platform that invests in high-achieving, low-income students in pursuit of great colleges + awesome careers.

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