Cheap Halloween Costumes for College Students

Just because you can’t afford a store-bought Halloween costume doesn’t mean you can’t blow your friends away with something you put together yourself. With a little creativity and a few cheap supplies you can be the star of the party. We’ve put together a list of great costumes that are easy to put together and will only cost you a few bucks.

White Tee: All you need for to pull these costumes off is a white t-shirt and some markers.


Credit: /u/MrRicardo

This Banksy costume is inspired by current events and it’s super simple to put together. Grab some markers and draw Banksy’s art piece on a white t-shirt, then use scissors to cut the bottom half of the shirt. If you’re not artistic, we recommend grabbing a friend or hanging out in the art building until someone takes pity on you and helps you out.

404 Error

Here’s a costume the nerd in all of us will love. The dreaded 404 error is the error that we see when a server cannot find a webpage that is requested. This costume is a witty play on that error. All you need is a white t-shirt and a pen to guarantee some laughs.

All Makeup: Sometimes you don’t even need to dress up. For these looks, all you need is some makeup to create your costume.

Makeup Tutorial

Tiffany Bartok

This makeup tutorial look will resonate with any woman and it couldn’t be any easier. All you need is a headband and makeup that you probably already own. Bring a makeup brush with you as prop to complete your look.

Pop Art Cartoon

Youtube beautywithtashy

This awesome cartoon look only requires makeup and some patience. This tutorial will walk you through how to complete the look.

Couples Costume: No proper Halloween costume list would be complete without some couples costumes. Here are two that won’t cost much to put together and will definitely get some attention.


If you’re looking for a couple’s costume this one is sure to entertain. Find similar clothing items and then make #Filter and #NoFilter signs. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


Another costume that’s sure to impress is this grayscale costume. Find clothes that are gray or black and white and some gray body paint and you’re ready to go. How awesome do these costumes look against a colorful background?

Hopefully you’ve found something you like, or we’ve at least proven there are a bunch of great costume ideas out there that don’t require a whole lot of cash to put together. Let’s be honest, you’re only going to be wearing this for a couple hours anyway.