UH Coog Anngellie Lescano: My Sixup Story

Meet Anngellie, a junior accounting major at University of Houston. Anngellie had an issue paying for college and found Sixup to help her.

Why Sixup to help pay for college?

Anngellie says it best and most simply. “Sixup helped both me and my parents. I wanted to be able to help my parents so that they would not have to to worry about funding that gap in my tuition. Sixup made it possible for me to continue achieving my goals for myself and my family.”

Anngellie learned about Sixup through Genesys Works. As an accounting major, she did her homework on her about her loan options. She said that for her, “Sixup had a lower interest rate compared to other private loan companies.” She also liked that Sixup was flexible. Right now, she is paying $20 per month to help build her credit and lower her future payments.

Thumbs Up: Refer us

When asked if she would recommend Sixup to her friends, Anngellie replied, “Yes, I would definitely refer Sixup to anyone who needs help in funding their tuition gap. They are not only a loan servicer, but they are also an investor who provides many resources and supports you in the process of achieving your goals.”

No Pain, just Gain: Sixup Loan App

Sixup thinks our student loan process should be built for students and based on their feedback. Here’s what Anngellie has to say about the process.

“It took me 20 minutes to finish the online application at www.sixup.com. Once I finished my application, I was invited for a google hangout interview.

The video interview wasn’t too formal. It was more of a casual conversation. I was asked about my family background and the school activities I participate in. After a couple of days, they granted my loan.

They also provided me the website where I could accept my offered loan amount and submit all the necessary documents. After I accepted my loan, I had to sign the documents to make everything official.

After this process, they sent an enrollment verification to the university. After that, I had to sign other documents which talked mostly about my repayment process, my interest rate, and the amount I borrowed.

After this, they provided me a final disclosure receipt and disbursed a partial amount for the first semester. The next half will be disbursed the second semester.

In all, it was a pretty easy and safe process. Along the way, I knew I could trust Sixup.”

The People of Sixup

When asked about getting help from Sixup, Anngellie beams a little brighter. “There are people from Sixup, like Lauren, who always are willing to help with open arms. Sixup also gave me a welcome gift which contained Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and a book called ‘365 Tao: Daily Meditations.’

They always provide you with resources to help you not only financially, but academically. For instance, Sixup sent me information about a free online tutoring service for, which definitely helped me study for my accounting classes.”

The Sixup Choice

Many students credit Sixup with making it possible for them to focus on the college experience. For some, their Sixup loan kept them from taking a second job. Others were able to focus on their studies and join clubs. Anngellie credits Sixup with keeping her on track to graduate on time.

Anngellie says, “Sixup has been a blessing to me. I was able to work less hours, and continue my studies to graduate on time. With less work hours, I was able to join Beta Alpha Psi for accounting, finance and information systems students.

For students struggling to pay for college, Sixup could be the answer.

What will be Your Sixup Story?

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