Let’s start a journey of stories

It happened in an afternoon. Two boring people saw each other in Skype and wanted to kill some of the work time. So here was how it went like in our conversation:

— — —-

Andrei: Hey

Siya: Hey! how you doing there?

Andrei: Ah, I’m bored, thought of checking what you are doing :D

Siya: hahahah, so you can be comforted that you’ve found another one bored?

Andrei: yes

— — -blah blah blah — — -

Andrei: Tell me something interesting.

Siya: OK

Siya: Two nights ago, I left the office late, was like 9 : 30 or 10. Usually it takes me more than 1 hour to get to my home, so I do a lot of reading on bus. One of the buses i usually take goes to the beach side in around half an hour and I really enjoy that moments.

Siya: I was reading and waiting for it. Half an hour past, another 20 more minutes, and another 20 more, it hadn’t arrived to the beach. We were still inside roads and streets.

Andrei: and .. what happened ?:D

Siya: So I took off my headphone and looked up.

Andrei: You missed your stop ? ahahaha

Siya: No. worse !

Siya: And I heard the speaker saying : nest stop, Xue Ling zhan.

Siya: So, XUE lING to my city is like Highgate to London, you know what i mean?!

(Andrei is from London.)

Andrei: ahhahaha

Andrei: you went that far ?:D


Siya: It’s a real story by the way, and just happened to me 2 days ago.

(So blah blah blah, it was then his turn to tell me a story. )

Andrei: so a pair of jeans i had ripped … and I went to buy new ones. So I go into the mall and it was Sunday ..so it was full. I get some jeans I like and go to try them in the cabinet. And while i was like trying to put them on .. a women comes in I think around 30. I had the jeans up to my knee ..and she puts her head and she is like,

“ Oh sorry , I was looking for my boyfriend ….but I like what I see “

Andrei: I did not say anything I was a little bit shocked, and she left.

— — — -

We laughed together, from 6 hours distance. One is in Romania, the other in China.

That was a good night, with good stories.

A saying I really like is “Education is what remains when you’ve forgotten all your schooling”.

For me, life is a collection of moments like rosary of breads, and as the time passes by, it will be only those special moments left remembered in our memory, shining with meaning and uniqueness. That is what makes you “you”, us “us”.

Thus, I would be pleased to share them — — — all the memorable moments I’ve experienced, people I’ve met, words got me thinking, well as good stories I’ve heard. Because it’s interesting and inspiring, but also because i don’t want to forget. If becoming an “adults” is inevitable, I would want it come later, and still remember the real moments and how it’s like living in it.

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