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The Promise of the Internet

Last night, at the Grammy Awards, their president suggested streaming media services prevent musicians from earning enough to pursue a “Viable career.”

His fallacy is the suggestion his solution is better than the one the Promise of the Internet (as exhibited by YouTube, Patreon, and Kickstarter) has already begun to provide.

Whereas the Internet, the world’s largest community, is allowed to choose their Creators, the Grammy’s / Hollywood prefer a system they can control, monopolize, and use to promote their own purposes. (Purposes so nefarious as to support the existing infrastructure of agents, publicity, studios, distribution, etc.)

This methodology of control is the same we see in “Search Engine Optimization” as practiced by SEO Specialists and, as the European Union has repeatedly accused, institutionalized by Google.

When the free access to information is impeded, one’s ability to make intelligent speech (an oft forgotten prerequisite to free speech) is frustrated as well. Censorship moves two ways.

Humans have the Right to query and receive correct information, to seek an artist and find everyone who will speak to them, to have a message and for that message to be heard.

As SEO has come before the courts of the EU, it will certainly be tried in the US as well. Hopefully the President and the Senate will keep this in mind as they select the next Justice of the Supreme Court.

The Internet gives everyone a voice and an opportunity to be appreciated for who they are. The promise of the Internet is to make everyone a rock star.

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