How we Saved Dying Crabs the Other Day

What promised to be a great day kayaking in Mulki, India, had a great turn of events when we entered the premises.

As we searching for the owner to take us on a kayak ride that would pain our arms, we stumbled upon him nearby the water cutting into fishing nets. With puzzled looks on our faces we came closer and found out he wasn't just aimlessly slashing up a net.

Turns out there were about a hundred dehydrated crabs stuck and wildly entangled inside of it.

The owner told us he found this net stranded on the beach as he was doing his usual kayaking routes. It was probably abandoned by a fishing boat and he was simply spending his hours to save the victims.

Without hesitation we sat down. He got us some scissors and we started following the owner's tactics in an attempt to get the crabs out. Those dangly legs and pointy armor didn't make the job easy for us. I’d figured they’d be scared by our thick, fat sausage fingers holding them and therefore would wiggle around a lot — but they were probably already exhausted by fighting the net.

The easiest and least disgusting part was to cut them out, which was a perfect job for a little sissy like me. The tough, fearless guys were up for the untangling part, which is where you had to touch the crab and hold him.

As we cut them out, we collected the survivors in a bucket of water.

It took us a bunch of hours before we got the crabs out. Some were even feisty and squiggling all over the place! I am happy to say that we got the majority of the crabs out alive.

After we collected the survivors in a bucket, we at-.. freed them!

Thanks everybody for helping out to free the crabs!