Slack’s $2.8 Billion Dollar Secret Sauce
Andrew Wilkinson

We use slack at an 200+ organization and here’s our conversation story. One of the product owner downloaded it and used it to communicate with his fellow PO’s. Rest of the company was on hipchat or Skype. Slowly and surely everyone moved over. Like the article said, just sounded cool and looked like something new. My team was the last, just because we just saw it as an another chatting tool. We felt disconnected so we jump on board as well.

Why we really started using it was because of the cost. It was free. Free and awesome. As you started using it, we hit the limitation of search with using it for free. In business, history is everything. If you can’t search the history and reference back to something, you’re going run into the same issues/questions over and over.

So we jumped and started paying for it. We’re probably paying $2k+ per month. Yes, it sucks but it’s a tool that gets used every day, every minute of work hour. We can’t just pull it out of our employees.