Skarpline Opens its Visual Messaging Platform to Partners

Copenhagen, Denmark — March 24, 2016 — Skarpline, the revolutionary visual messaging and collaboration platform, today announced its partnership program. Skarpline partners can leverage the platform for themselves or their clients in a variety of ways.

“We are opening our visual messaging platform to partners to enable them to bring the benefits of Skarpline to their customer, and transforming the way they do business,” said Dan Storbaek, founder and CEO of Skarpline.

Skarpline is offering partnerships in four categories. They are:


Consultants will provide help their customers implement Skarpline and educate them on its optimal use.

OEM and White Label

These partners would embed Skarpline directly, making communication and collaboration a key component of their applications.


Resellers can offer Skarpline on a volume based model and share revenues with Skarpline.

Technology / API Integration

Technology and API partners can extend and improve the experience and functionality of Skarpline.

Partners will be provided with customized marketing materials to share with their customers. As part of the partnership, they will be able to join a revenue sharing program.

“Our partners will play a vital part in our development and growth,” said Storbaek. “We view partners not as external resources but as a vital part of our team.”

Skarpline is a ground up rethinking of how teams communicate and collaborate. Instead of files attached to emails, Skarpline attaches all communications, integrations, chats, messages, and other files to the original file. Skarpline’s visual interface makes searching for a file simple. Integration with external project management and workflow applications unify all work into one simple interface. In addition, features like Instant Typing and Focus Mode increase productivity. A video demonstrating Skarpline’s features and user benefits can be viewed at

For more information on the Skarpline Partner Program, visit

About Skarpline

Built from the ground up, Skarpline redefines communication. The platform provides teams and businesses a new way to communicate using ‘cards’. Skarpline now consist of 6 people distributed across 6 different countries. They are a mix of designers, explorers, and developers, all keen on making a difference to the world.

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Originally published at on March 24, 2016.

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