The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment
Anne Victoria Clark

I really like the funny spirit of the article. But there’s a problem: meeting The Rock I will start hugging him, touch his body to see how big are his muscles and so on… and this is not appropriate at work ahahahahha

Honestly speaking, I think you’re a bit exaggerating. A lot of love stories happen at work… when men and women work together side by side each day, it can be normal to be attracted to another person. If no man would ask a colleague out (or vicevesa), I think that world population would decrease by a lot! :D 
I think that the spirit should be the one of common sense and respect. Asking a girl out is not harassment from my point of view. Stalking her, touching her, making too many compliments and so on are harassment; ruining her at her job for a refusal is harassment; considering her only because she’s pretty and not for her talent is stupid; and so on. But being attracted can be normal. We’re humans after all.

If a homosexual man colleague would politely ask me out, I won’t get offended by it, for instance.

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