Why Women Will Continue To Be Mistreated At Work
Helen Situ

I want to discuss with you about some points.

First of all, out there is full of people that is against UploadVR. Reddit and even DISQUS on UploadVR is full of people hating them. There are more hate-comments than love-comments.

Then, UploadVR guys (journalists with which I’m in touch through Twitter) have been kind with me, too. This doesn’t mean that the accusations are true or false. This means that they’re kind people and this makes us sound strange that their work environment is so awful. I repeat: I’m not saying “true or false”… I’m saying that I’m shocked because I didn’t expect that.

Finally: we haven’t to dismiss what that girl is saying, but we haven’t to take it for 100% granted, either. I think we have just to listen to her and to what she has to say. I think that we should also listen to multiple opinions. It would be interesting if some other male/female workers of UploadVR could confirm the story.

There is a justice and it has to do its job. If the girl tells the truth, UploadVR should be punished hard.

I strongly agree with you on one topic: we have to encourage people reporting bad behaviours on the workplace. They should not be afraid of talking or denouncing. They should feel supported.

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