2017 Virtual Reality: A Semi-Comprehensive Forecast

Very beautiful and detailed predictions!

Some opinions:

  • Prices… well, it will depend on if Microsoft will keep its promises of 299$ headset; if this will happen, VR will skyrocket;
  • OSVR… well, I don’t think it will skyrocket. It’s too rough at the moment: I love its philosphy, but the headset is too few comfortable and with few dedicated content
  • Movies in VR will not be a thing… I think some experiments and some short movies will be and will be epic, but VR- movies will not superseed 2d movies (because of too many problems)
  • Immotionar (www.immotionar.com) will skyrocket as the platform for full body virtual reality development. This because, well, because it’s us and we’re supercool giving full body in VR using sensors like Kinects and virtual reality headsets :)
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