Citizen Profile: Sabina, Educator (Mazar-e-Sharif)

Sabina is one of our Back-to-School Educators in Mazar and has been part of the Skateistan community for many years. In the classroom she has been passing on her knowledge to the younger students, while learning and playing with them in the skate park. She is an inspiring and proactive member of our community and a proud Citizen of Skateistan!

I joined Skateistan four years ago. The day before I joined, one of my friends informed me about the opening of a sports club for male and females. He was speaking of Skateistan of course. We went to the Skate School, and me and my 2 sisters officially enrolled. When I joined Skateistan I first saw a lot of female students and staff gathering outside to play and do sports.

I felt really happy! Before Skateistan, I had never been to any sports places because there weren’t any available for girls or women to do sports.

My first encounter with skating was when I noticed a girl who was practicing kickflips and I was really confused about the skateboard — like how it is going up? And how are they flipping the board? Then when I learned to kickflip, I began to understand. Now, my favorite things on a skateboard are jumping and pushing.

Sabina teaches the boys Back-to-School class in Mazar.
“I had only seen a skateboard on the TV and in the movies. I was thinking that skating is not real and that people are only doing it for the camera. When I joined Skateistan I saw real skaters!”

One of my favorite things about Skateistan is that it provides a chance for street-working kids to join public school (through the Back-to-School program) by providing them with educational classes. This gives them self-confidence to study more and to keep learning.

Since I’ve joined Skateistan, I am most proud of being part of the basketball team. After a while we were ready to do competitions against Mazar’s female public team. We won the competition and we were so proud to hold the cup in front of everyone!

The women’s basketball team practicing during lunch.

My plan for the future is to improve important things in my life — such as my education. I am proud that I can study and do everything to ensure that I am doing well. I am proud that I can go to University. Currently I am studying economics and I hope and want to continue to improve in this field. Plus, I would like to push our basketball team to do as well as possible and make it a national basketball team.

As I am an Educator the most important thing is helping the street working kids that are visiting my class and I like to teach them new things like sport. But also it is my chance to do sport for myself. These are the most important things for me!

Sabina also teaches the weekly session for our girls deaf class and is proficient in Afghan sign language. We will be doing a special Citizen profile on one of our deaf students next month with a special blog post about our partnerships with deaf schools in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

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