Creator of The LB Project, Lucas Beaufort scribbled over a picture of Skateistan staff member Noorzai for our last fundraising campaign.

#CitizensofSkateistan: Skate and Create LB Project Giveaway

This week we have teamed up with The LB Project to giveaway one-of-a-kind boards painted by famous skate artists, such as French, Chad Eaton, Lucas Beaufort, and Michael Sieben.

The LB Project is a European art project, set up to bring people together for a good cause. Each artist hand painted blank skateboards, which were exhibited at skate shops across Europe. Half of the boards were donated to us and now we are giving them away to Citizens of Skateistan!

How to win?

  1. Sign up to be a Citizen of Skateistan, by donating $10 or more a month.
  2. You will be automatically entered into the prize draw, alongside all Citizens, to win one of these incredible boards.
  3. Easy as that!
  4. Winners will be announced next week.

Check out the beautiful, money can’t buy, boards up for grabs:

By Chad Eaton.
By Lucas Beaufort.
By French.
By Michael Sieben.
By Jeremyville.
By Jeremy Fish.
By BB Bastidas.
By Fos.
By Mike Kershnar.

Find out more about The LB Project and thanks to all the artists involved (please click their names to find out more!).

Join the Citizens of Skateistan.
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