Johannesburg Update: Women’s Day

39 girls turned up for the event!

An update from the recent Women’s Day event by Skateistan Educator, Wendy.

A girl’s skate session was held at the Skateistan Skate School in Johannesburg to celebrate women’s day. Girls came together to celebrate and learn about gender equality. A lot of local girls attended the event and were excited and interested in Skateistan and skateboarding.

All the girls really enjoyed skateboarding, even if it was their first time.

The girls got the chance to watch videos of the best girl skaters in the world. One student said: “girls are great skaters.” Students also learned about the history of Skateistan and talked about the challenges faced by girls in Afghanistan.

Around 40 girls from all around Johannesburg attended the event. The number of girls that attend Skateistan programs has been growing since Skateistan began girls-only sessions in 2014.

Students between the ages of 5–17 came to the event.

Those who were new to skateboarding were able to try it out the girls who already skated were able to practice and improve their skills. “I learned how to skate,” said one new student.

The girls also participated in a question and answer session, at which they could ask anything about skateboarding.

The atmosphere at the Skateistan Women’s Day event was incredible. All the girls wanted to try skateboarding, even if they had never done it before.

Making friends, learning to skate and sharing — these were all things that were learned during the day!

“I learned how to share with others,” said one of the girls. The girls were able to express themselves and have fun. Skateistan staff members hope this will result in even more girls coming to Skateistan, and gaining confidence through skateboarding!