Local Update: Dropping In Library in Cambodia

Jan 23 · 2 min read

Here at Skateistan, we’re aware that empowering children in the 21st century demands access to high-quality education as much as access to information. That’s why, at the end of last year, we started working on a new exciting project — building the first library for our Skate School in Cambodia to expand our programs and resources!

Our Programs Officer is supervising the project from the very beginning. Thanks for your awesome work, Tin!

Developing the new space will offer new opportunities for students, and allow the site to begin a Dropping In program in Phnom Penh. Dropping In is a new program that provides space, resources and activities for children outside of our usual classes and skate sessions. It will include weekly computer classes, homework help and students will have the opportunity to participate in a reading club. Apart from providing a homework and study space for our students, a major purpose of the project is to reach even more children from the community, improve their reading abilities and develop their IT knowledge.

The library fit-out has been supported by The Australian Embassy Direct Aid Program (DAP). Thanks to their support, we’ll be able to equip the space with four computers so that students can work on their research projects in Khmer or English, and those who haven’t yet used a computer will start learning some basic skills, such as typing. We will also provide five tablets so that students can read books in English as well as a printer.

Last but not least, what is a library without loads of books, right? We will stir up children’s imagination with a well-curated mix of history, science, encyclopaedia and other educational books thanks to SIPAR, an association that has been working in Cambodia with one unique objective: make books accessible to the most underprivileged populations.

Our library in the making. Stay tuned for the launch in February!

And if you’re wondering who is the creator of these mind-blowing wavy shelves, we have the answer for you. They’re called Altelier Cole, a collaborative design practice, and are working on a range of creative projects globally.

Our aim is to change the lives of children through skateboarding and education. You can support us by donating or joining the Citizens of Skateistan at skateistan.org

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Non-profit organization empowering children through skateboarding and education. Find out more and support at skateistan.org.

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