Program Essentials: Skate and Create

Essential items: Student + arts and crafts stationary + skateboard = Skate and Create.

What is Skate and Create?

This is our biggest program worldwide and it does exactly what it says in the name! Taking place at our Skate Schools in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Phnom Penh and Johannesburg, the weekly program offers students an hour of skateboarding and an hour of educational arts. In the skatepark, children of all backgrounds find a valuable place to play, for personal development and goal setting. Skateboarding is one of the best types of education you can get and at Skateistan it acts as the hook to provide further educational opportunities! In the classroom, students get to do a range of arts and crafts projects, from tie-dye to origami, but also they explore topics such as the Universe, Kindness and the Environment. Lessons focus on giving youth tools to express themselves, think critically and solve problems in their local and global communities. Accessible to all levels of literacy and education, Skate and Create provides a place for youth to develop friendships that overcome deep social barriers, encouraging them to learn through play.

1055 active students each week // 40% female.

Skate and Create, sounds great, but what do our students around the world think?

“My favorite thing at Skateistan is all the sport and activities we do, skateboarding and art. When I came to Skateistan I found more friends, they are really good and kind, also when I am skateboarding they are helping me.

I learnt many activities in the classroom about the environment, plants, and my favorite was learning about kindness.” Student, 10 years old, Afghanistan.

A student enjoying a skate session at the Skate School in Phnom Penh.

“Skateboarding makes me happy… before I was a lonely girl, and I was very shy when I wanted to speak with somebody, but now that has changed and I have many friends, and we can smile and talk to each other. So I’ll use this confidence to make my dreams come true. I hope in the future there will be many skater girls in Cambodia.” Student, 15 years old, Cambodia.

“This is the first time in my life that I saw a place like Skateistan, because here is the place for learning activities, and finding new friends forever. Also here is a place that all the students are the same, like: I don’t see any change between poor and rich, I don’t see any change between Uzbek, Pashtun, Tajik, Turkman…” Student, 15 years old, Afghanistan.

A skate session in Johannesburg where,on average, 78 students take part in Skate and Create each week.
Students in Johannesburg create fabric earworms as part of the environment curriculum.

“My favourite thing about coming to Skateistan is drawing, painting and making objects and pasting and cutting…those are my favourite things…sometimes we make things for our parents for Mother’s Day and Father’s day and then we get to learn how to skateboard afterwards.” Student, 12 years old, South Africa.

Join us in July. When you donate $10 or more a month, you become a Citizen of Skateistan and help make it possible for thousands of children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa to attend our programs such as Skate and Create.

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