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Do sportswriters even care that when they go left or right, mainly left, in their sports reporting they risk losing a huge portion of their readership? Why go out of your way to offend some of your readers? Why would I care about a sportswriter’s political thoughts? Or for that matter those of a celebrity. I don’t care. What I do care about is a sports reporter has access to players, coaches and other insiders who can tell me about my team and what has happened and what to expect.

This writer can try and fool himself into believing he is actually important and has a role in shaping his reader’ thoughts on politics, but he is lying to himself. Sports fans have enough places to find political commentary, unfortunately we have fewer and fewer places to just talk about sports.

I saw this coming a few years ago when the NY Daily News gave Mike Lupica a political column where he could spout his liberal thoughts. That is when I stopped buying that paper.

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