Coding With Dyslexia, Making it easier in Visual Studio Code

I’m 22 and I’ve been coding for just over 5 years now. It started off as a hobby but now I work for a company called askEddi. We are currently building an app with Angular 7 & a node.js backend.

If not already apparent I have Dyslexia. I’ve never let it stop me from learning to code or wanting to for that matter. It’s just had its own set of challenges. I’m all self-taught. But I’m currently doing an open university course.

Sometimes I can find it hard to read the monospaced font used by your IDE, If you find it too then below I explain what I’ve used to help.

What Is The OpenDyslexic Font?

OpenDyslexic is a free typeface/font designed to mitigate some of the common reading errors caused by dyslexia, though its benefits have been questioned in scientific studies. The typeface was created by Abelardo Gonzalez, who released it through an open-source license. The design is based on that of DejaVu Sans, also an open-source font.

Wikipedia gives us some background to the font.

Step 1 —Downloadn & Install OpenDyslexic Font

Firstly you will need to download the awesome font.

Once you have downloaded the font you will have to un-zip and install the OpenDylexic Mongo Font Depending on if you are on windows or a mac you will need to double click on the font file and then press install or Open Font Book and drag the font into Font Book to install it.

Step 2 — Open your IDE and set up the font

Personally, I use VS code insiders

You will want to go to your settings which can be located at the bottom left of the window under the cog symbol. Once this is opened you will wanna add OpenDyslexicMono Here are my setting below just in case you would like to copy.

My VS code settings


I’ve found that the OpenDyslecix font to help a lot with making my code more readable and I thought I would make to this to help Developers.

I have to say the one CON of this is there are no font ligatures which is something that I’m missing but I may have a look at trying to add them or even make them. I'm used to using Fira code font which has font ligatures.

I would love to hear experiences using it & if it's helped you in any way.

Hope it helped!! Happy Coding