Breaking Promises: The Quickest Way to Screw Your Customers Over
Christian Vasile

Thanks Brian Durkin, good follow up. I don’t think that my comment was suggesting to Christian Vasile (or any other users) that they are wrong for having any kinds of negative feelings about this change. And I haven’t seen any response directly from Sketch app that would come across that way either.

My point, that even you echoed, is that there’s a difference between providing critical feedback that’s framed as “I feel betrayed / disappointed / misled, because my expectation was…” and what is more of an accusation of ‘you broke a promise’ — even “I feel like you broke a promise…” seems more like input IMO.

All the feedback from various users will definitely valuable, but accusations can distract if the facts are not substantiated. Words matter, things will be read as they are literally stated. That’s really my key point.

I’m hopeful this will all shake out to everyone’s benefit, and that could be why some details in the announcement were lacking, because Sketch is still figuring out what will be best for all. Cheers.

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