Ahead of Skiddle’s panel with Shesaid.so at this year’s Brighton Music Conference, Skiddle’s Angie Bhandal addresses unconscious bias in music, and how we can counteract this to make strides in the right direction.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know what unconscious bias was until I was looking for my job in the music industry. I was coming from a traditional corporate marketing background and I was hit with the terms ‘unconscious bias’ again and again. “People in the creative industries have an unconscious bias about the corporate world”, I was told. …

Ben Sebborn (left) and Rich Dyer started Skiddle back in 2001 and haven’t looked back since.

Skiddle is one of those unusual businesses that doesn’t have a single managing director heading up the operation. Rather, Skiddle’s two co-founding directors have taken joint responsibility for business decisions since 2001. After 14 years at the heart of the live events industry both Ben and Rich continue to take an active role in the sector as well as the day to day management and development of Skiddle. It’s amazing they’re still talking to each other! We sat down with the two to discuss Skiddle’s growth and everything in-between.

So guys, tell us a bit about Skiddle. …

As the ultimate music fans, we asked members of the #SkiddleSquad what they’re listening to in 2020 and why it means so much to them. ⬇️

Angie Bhandal, Marketing Exec: There’s so much good music at the moment, I’m always counting down the days until Friday when there’s some fresh new beats. Every now and then there’s an album that just becomes part of my canon and for me, that’s been Rina Sawayama’s self-titled debut album which was released back in April. It’s everything I long for in music — pure earworms with a political undertone. Songs like STFU are…

During COVID-19, Skiddle has been processing thousands of cancellations, refunds and booking amendments as physical events have taken an unexpected hold. Customers are rightfully upset, confused, concerned about their money and when beloved gigs and nightlife can come back. Safe to say it’s been a difficult time for both customers but also for anyone who works in customer service across the board.

Ella Green, Skiddle’s Head of Customer Care has been front and centre of the customer experience. During Corona, Ella and her team have maintained an ‘Excellent’ status on Trustpilot with a score of 4.6 …


On a mission since 2001 to make ticketing for gigs, clubs and festivals fairer and smarter. Follow our journey on making music a fairer place for everyone.

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