A simple exercise in mindfulness

{be sure to stop and smell the roses}

Five things I can see right now:

  • Fairy lights hanging above my head, stars bought inside.
  • My son drawing. He sits in a squat, furrowed eye-brows, lead pencil in the corner of his mouth as he waits for the next spark of inspiration.
  • The fire place roaring. Dreamy flames choreographing the perfect dance, waving red, orange, yellow ribbons with hints of mesmerizing electric blue.
  • My dog sprawled on her worn, musty patchwork blanket. Her fluffy blonde belly exposed, ready for a pat. Her face upside down and grinning.
  • A pile of books scattered in a semi circle around me. A journal, a few pens. A book on Ayurveda, a novel, a bible, a book of poetry, a book about the hybridization of wheat. My little friends and teachers.

Four things I can hear right now:

  • I can hear music wafting under the door from the kitchen. It’s acoustic and warm. Gentle tones.
  • I can hear my daughter singing in the shower. I can hear her as she experiments with the acoustics in the bathroom and forms medley's from bits and pieces of songs.
  • I can hear utensils clambering as my husband prepares our evening meal.
  • I can hear my breath, shallow and soft. I can hear the slow breath of my pondering son. I can hear my dogs breath as she sighs a contented sigh.

Three things I can feel right now:

  • The plump red bean-bag hugging me.
  • The fire making my cheeks burn.
  • The lovely weight of a book in my lap.

Two things I can smell right now:

  • Sautéing onions and spices making my belly rumble.
  • My daughters freshly shampoo’d locks as she plants herself beside me and replaces my book that was in my lap with her head.

One thing I can taste right now:

  • I have a green tea that I have been sipping as I write. The delicious bitter, earthy taste is quenching my building appetite.
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