Young Hearts / Run Free

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.

Choose the path of least resistance I thought guiltily to my self. I know how it is to riddled with guilt because I have been known to typically take the route of martyrdom given a choice. I got some kind of psychological kick from personal suffering and sacrifice. At the end of the day if I hopped into bed anything less than spent at every level I felt like I had somehow failed. That I was lazy. That I had not served the ones I love well enough. That not enough feeling driving my days like a gnawing in my gut.

That was before.

Somewhere along the line in my recent past I began the gradual uphill hike towards self love. I began to replace my mean, bossy inner voice with the kind and tender voice that I usually reserve for those I love. Replacing the aggressive, pushy, cruel voice comes a gentle, comforting, encouraging inner voice. Like water, water that is cleansing and alive. I find that my life is more and more swept along in the rapids of kindness leading me to a freer and more cheerful existence. I have had to embrace my softness and own my sense of vulnerability. It’s so much easier to beat my inner self over the head with a blunt stick rather than guiding myself through with gentle loving whispers. But I’ve left that inner meanie behind. Now I live to love from a freedom circle.

I daily make the choice these days whether I choose the path of least resistance or if I choose the bumpy uphill climb, either way, I walk my path with joy and freedom. I walk my path with the absence of my old friend guilt.

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