Higher education in the United States is seen as the holy grail for landing the dream career, but with lower admission rates and more students graduating with crippling debt, is it worth it?

When applying to university you would expect that the admissions committee would accept their students based on merit alone. That would mean that the only thing that they should take into consideration is performance history: GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, recommendations, essays, portfolios, etc. …

The use of blockchain technology has developed past its original purpose. Today, the digital ledger not only functions as a financial network for digital currency, but it is also being used in new and creative ways.

It’s 2018 which means you should have heard of the terms, blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, in one way or another. Similar to the way the Internet revolutionized communication in the 20th century, blockchain is in the works of becoming not just the next economic revolution, but the decentralized innovation of our time.

The novelty of blockchain is that it has the capability to record countless transactions in the digital sphere with the added bonus of being immutable. Once added to the chain, there’s no going back. This means that financial and social transactions can be efficiently recorded without having to worry about the trustworthiness or the involvement of a third-party. While the use of the blockchain structure initiated as a decentralized place for open and permissionless transactions for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, innovators today are using it to facilitate negotiations, and even planning to change the music industry. …

We are living in an era where the job market is constantly evolving due to technological advancements. While this means that more jobs are being created, it also makes it harder for people to enter the workforce. In a rapidly changing environment, skills that were current one year ago may be outdated today. As a consequence, job seekers have to continually improve their skills in order to have a chance in an increasingly competitive job market. This professional anxiety may lead many applicants to find ways in which they can ‘hack’ the system.

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If you are a recent university graduate or a professional looking for opportunities in the job market, it is more than likely that you have searched for ‘tips and tricks’ that are ‘guaranteed’ to get your CV noticed. After all, who wants to have their CV continuously overlooked? This fear of rejection is what has compelled job seekers to resort to unethical means in the hopes of making at least the initial recruitment stage. While this may work for some, it not only has a negative impact on the overall hiring process, but backfires on further inspection. …



We aim to build a world where companies, universities and professionals can rely on the verification of certified skills on the blockchain.

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