What is the main difference between a Resume and a CV

Most people still don’t know the difference between a resume and a CV. It’s highly important for a successful job search to understand which one to use. For some professions a resume will be required, in some other cases a strong CV will be applicable and even more advisable. So, let’s find out when you need a resume/CV.

A resume is the most common document while applying for a job and it is the most preferred paper in the USA and Canada. It is used for a non-academic positions (IT, management, sales, customer service etc). It is a concise summary of applicant’s skills, work history and education background. A good resume should be as relevant to a desired position as possible. A recruiter just skim through a pile of similar-looking resumes, so in order to stand out it’s better to stay simple and informative.

Speaking of a CV, it is much longer than a typical resume. It can contain 2–3 or even more pages. It is a dominant form of identification that is used by candidates willing to apply for medical, scientific or governmental positions. CV is used if you want to apply, first of all, for different academic, research or educational opportunities. CV is also an essential part of application for various grants, scholarships, internships and fellowships.

In addition, a CV will come in handy if you want to go international. Most overseas companies will require exactly a CV from a potential foreign employee because it is widely used there (Asia, Middle East). For most European countries it is only one kind of applicable papers.

Once you got familiar with primary distinctions between a CV and a resume, you can tackle writing your own one that will lead you to success. But before, check out some templates and samples in order not to get confused. Find some tips on how to write a perfect resume/CV. Each detail matters: from formatting to sections you should include. Good luck in your job hunt!

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