Esports Industry Awards

Before I get into this little rant, let me start off by saying that we absolutely need industry awards. We should definitely look to reward members in this community for their hard work, skill and contributions.

As little as I care about award shows in general (be it in sports or film), I do think they have their place. Awards in general have their issues with a non-transparent voting process and the Oscars have been criticized for years now the be extremely racist as well.

All the usual award critique aside, there are some other glaring issues with the Esports Industry Awards. And I’m not even talking about all the production issues, the incredibly obnoxious #FellowKids vibe given off by the host or the insane amount of advertising.

The Categories & its Nominees

My biggest gripe with the whole awards thing is the vague introductions and explanations. If I watch the Oscars, I will know why Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated this year. It’s because he slept inside a dead horse or something. Why were the likes of Richard Lewis, Scuff, Miracle and others not only nominated, but voted in?

Richard Lewis’ intro video especially talked about some of his definitely big achievements, the uncovering of the betting scandal in 2014. And don’t get me wrong, if they had asked me to vote, I would’ve voted for him as well. But what made him the #1 journalist in Esports in 2016? What will set him apart in 2017? Will they yet again bring up his big achievement from 2014?

What made Carn a nominee for personality of the year for 2016?

For Industry Awards, these awards and its show felt incredibly out of touch with the actual scene and the industry. It didn’t feel like this was by the industry for the industry. It certainly didn’t help that names were mispronounced and some clips were chosen at seemingly random. It felt like someone did some good research, but just not enough.

The Show itself + Production

Production was bad, audio was bad. I know it, you know it, the organizers know it. It’s a bit ironic that some people are eager to rip events of competitors/events they don’t attend a new one when mistakes occur, but they’re awfully quiet when it comes to the shortcomings of this one.

The show felt like a quick money grab, a total duration of roughly 90mins and half of it was filled with sponsor shouts if not more. Which is fine, this is esports after all so what do I really expect. Except the awards should be about celebrating the games, the players, the people. It didn’t feel like it at all, because they didn’t even talk much about games and esports this year in general. The people presenting the awards had almost 0 mic time overall, making me wonder why they were there in the first place. If we counted, I’m sure the hosts “funny” entrance was longer than all of the presenters’ mic times combined.

And the presenters were famous and notable people as well. Why don’t we get to hear them, their experiences and maybe a little joke or two.

An important first step

At the end of the day, this was the much needed first step. There are some absolutely wonderful people working in this industry and they deserve to take home some much needed recognition. And maybe that’s why I got a bit annoyed by today’s award show. It didn’t feel like anybody was celebrated, when that should’ve been the case.

Despite all the hiccups today, I do look forward to future installments and hope that we’ll see more people be rewarded for their immeasurable contributions to this ever so amazing industry.

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