Why I don’t think the Chinese Regional qualifier is the “most stacked”

As invites have rolled out, people discuss the upcoming regional qualifiers. Many comments on reddit and social media or even private conversations suggest that people are under the impression China is one of the most if not the most “stacked” regional qualifier.

I personally define stacked as “full of top tier teams”. I do not see the Chinese regional qualifier full of top tier teams. (i.e. potential top 8–10 teams)

Literally still need to play a game, half the team has been bad/irrelevant for over half a year and the ex-wings players may be individually skilled, but also have struggled with their team going into Kiev. The theory is, this team should succeed, but there have been plenty of examples where theory doesn’t always work out.

Vici Gaming
They have played a few games, but boy did they not look good. Yes, it was their first and only LAN, but that’s the whole point: it’s a new team and qualifiers are up this week. Have they had enough time to shape up? We don’t know, but what we do know is that so far their showing was weak.

Probably the most overrated team of all time. They have yet to accomplish anything past a StarLadder 2nd place and their performances don’t look convincing in the least. Any team that loses to Na’Vi these days should probably not be considered a top team as of now.

This team has not been performing well ever since they qualified for DAC/Kiev. The recent Galaxy Battles performance proves my point.

This team lacks LAN experience and could very well, if they were to qualify for TI, be forced to play with a stand-in in Seattle due to visa issues. Their only consistent run was in the qualifier for The Summit and everything leading up to it was plagued by losses to the established brass of top teams. Their Summit run was convincing and I do think they have the potential to qualify, but I think it’d be a stretch to consider them a top tier team just yet

Aside from their Epicenter run, LFY has not looked impressive either — granted this is a new squad. I think their top4 finish is deceptive, much like LGD’s at Summit. Teams were not prepared for them and didn’t know what to expect. The one team that did (Liquid, because they scrimmed them & all of China going into Epicenter) took a game off of them in groups and then absolutely outmaneuvered them in the playoffs. Clean 2–0.
LGD to me is a bit of a similar story, though I think they looked more convincing (granted they only got to the summit bc CDEC had visa issues). That said, it doesn’t help that both teams play somewhat similarly, even adopting one another’s drafts. 
At the end of the day, their results (top 3/4 at two bigger LAN events) stand, but I don’t have either of them in a top 8 scenario right now, hardly top 10.

I fail to see how China is the most stacked qualifier, when other regional qualifiers have multiple internationally experienced squads with various performances & Major attendances to back up that claim (NA has Planet Odd, NP, Digital Chaos; SEA has Faceless, TnC and at the very least Clutch Gamers). I do think China has the potential to produce some of the best teams, they have done so in the past. But I do also see a lot of issues within the Chinese region and I don’t think the recent roster shuffle helped at all.

There’s an argument to be made that China could be the most competitive regional qualifier, i.e. the skills of the teams competing are close to one another, but I personally think that title goes to SEA.