XctN’s missed opportunity — Does Valve need to do anything?

Yesterday, I sent out a tweet. I wanted people to focus on the fact that XctN is denied a possibly large sum (beginning at 62.000 USD) by not getting the chance to play in Boston.

For many of these players, this could’ve doubled their lifetime earnings in Esports. In a region such as SEA, that could secure them a year of playing Dota 2 full-time, if they chose to do so.

XctN got denied that chance at the money because of circumstances they couldn’t control. If we argue that neither Valve nor XctN was at fault here (for argument’s sake), then there have been valid concerns that pointed out how Valve has no obligation to just pay XctN their money.

If this was any other event, I’d argue that that is very well correct, it’s unfortunate but we gotta move on. Events aren’t charity projects after all.

Yet, Valve has claimed in the past about how TI (and ultimately the Majors) are here to support the scene and in some way stabilize it. Players needed support after all right?

It’s about the players, it’s about the community.

Why is it then, that XctN are left in the cold. They are literally the big losers of this entire ordeal. And in this hour, isn’t it on Valve to step forward and reach out to them?

I’m not saying Valve should pay them money just like that, it sets a bad precedent for weird cases where maybe the team is at fault for not participating, or probably partially at fault.

That said, there are other ways to support a team without paying them outright.

Flying them out and accomodating them in Boston could be one way to “pay them” and support them. If their visas were delayed, delayed long enough to not be on time for the gorupstage / the entire event, flying them out regardless could help them a lot. They could be scrim partners for teams on site, they could gain valuable experience about travelling and conversing with other player — something that has proven to be a huge help for other teams, such as MVP Phoenix. (alternatively you could see to fly them out to the next Major. The experience of travelling & scrimming against teams you’ve never scrimmed against before is largely underrated)

If flying out to Boston was not an option, maybe provide them with a bit of community help. Give players the option to buy special card packs with percentages of the sale going to XctN.

This way we give the community a bit of power back to help the competitive scene, a spirit and motivation that has made these events as big as they are today.

I get that my proposed ideas ultimately still cost Valve money, and in times where food expenses need to be cut, maybe Valve doesn’t have the money (wink wink) to pay for another team to fly out, or doesn’t want to spend that money.

But that’s why I think letting the community help out could help a lot. Or you know Valve, pay the players for using their images & logos in the Player Cards.

For me, the biggest issue with this entire XctN drama is, that the chances of it happening again are very likely. Any other SEA or Chinese team, or Russian team if CIS becomes legit again, could’ve been affected by this. And as prizepools for SEA only tournaments are already incredibly low and most international LAN events only have 1 spot, maybe 2 for SEA teams, it’s disheartening to see Valve not supporting an ambitious team like XctN.

Prizemoney and experience don’t come easy for many teams, and for all we know this was a once in a lifetime shot for some of these players, individually speaking.

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