Side Effects of makeup on skin

Women just can’t do without applying make-up and using numerous cosmetic products to look charming and beautiful. But little do they realize that the cosmetic products under the garb of attractive packages and glossy ads are nothing but combination of very harmful chemicals. They may help one look beautiful for a few hours, but leave their long lasting harmful impact on the body with which one may have to deal for many days. According the best skin specialist in Delhi the ingredients in these products can cause a range of skin issues. Here are a few of them:

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Skin diseases

Cosmetics have been long held responsible for various types of skin diseases. The chemicals present in different types cosmetics can cause adverse reactions and change the PH of the skin. This may weaken the immunity of the skin and reduce the strength of the skin to fight against diseases. Further, permanent discoloration and severe damage may also happen due to prolonged use of cosmetics.


Some people apply makeup every day, which brings their skin under great risk of the side effects of cosmetics. Not all types of components are well tolerated by the skin. While at times there can be instant reaction on just one application, there can be effects after long-term use. Skin allergies are one of the commonest side effects of cosmetics. There can be allergic reactions in the nasal passage, glucose intolerance, scalp allergies, skin rashes, itchy and watery eyes and many more indications. Even though it may seem that it is impossible to move around without applying proper makeup and using different creams and lotions, the list of allergies, which we get prone to because of the use of cosmetics is pretty long.

Cancer and other chronic illnesses

By using cosmetics we also expose ourselves to cancer, which is the most dreaded disease. Several other chronic diseases are also caused by the use of cosmetics. Most of the products contain chemicals such as BHA, zinc oxide, barium sulphate, etc. In these chemicals get into our body they can lead to fatal results. Organ failure, kidney and liver damage are some of the worst things that can happen. Therefore, cosmetics like lipstick, lip balms and lip gloss should not be swallowed even by mistake. Lipstick contains aluminum which is considered responsible for causing chronic anemia and glucose intolerance. Body lotions can cause hormonal imbalance and even effect the secretion of thyroid hormone in the body.


Most people love to use cosmetics as they make them appear brighter and younger, but in realities cosmetics is one of the major culprits behind rapid aging. The so called moisturizing make-up items, actually, dry up your skin, when used regularly. If you have been investing in anti-wrinkle creams and lotions you know very well they cannot give the results they claim. No study has ever proved that anti-aging creams can give you youthful skin and reverse aging process.

If you are already dealing with these problems or want to get better solution for healthier and youthful skin you should look for medically approved methods. Skin Plus has the best dermatologist in Delhi on board who can offer you quality and meaningful solutions for the naturally beautiful skin you had always desired.