Life ain’t complicated

We make life difficult for ourselves and others because of willfulness and the Ego “tripping.”

I have been thinking “Life is simple” its only hard when complications arises and aren’t dealt with head on. Also when expectations are not met.

Stop ascribing fictional characters to people. See, hear and feel them. And when they feel you can’t see or hear them, make them see you are Present.

Connections are broken as easily as they are formed due to impatience and lack of understanding .

Where am I going with this?

Life is not hard. Think Positive. Be easy on yourself and the people around you. Everyone is fighting a battle that’s got nothing to do with you.

Be present.

Forge solid relationships. Stop running and claiming everyone is on some BS. Deal with your crap so that you won’t take out your fears and insecurities on others.

I’m out..

Peace/Tranquillity and whatever you Wish for.