Today’s video talks about how to get rid of dark under eye circles. Read more at the site: Most dark circles usually look have either a blue-ish or brown-ish tinge to them. What causes dark circles under our eyes? Well, if you have the more blue tinged circles under your eyes, it’s like the oxygenated blood that has pooled under your eyes overnight. That’s where fluids accumulate when we’ve been laying down, and the veins simply expand, And because the skin is quite thin below the eyes, that oxygenated blood is visible. If you are prone to the more brown-tinged dark circles, you’re most likely to see these if you’ve had excessive sun exposure, if you rub your eyes a lot, or if you are genetically disposed to hyperpigmentation, which is sometimes the case with African American and Asian skin tones. So how do we get rid of those dark circles? If you have the blue-ish looking dark circles, first, try a cold compress — whether it’s a cool washcloth, cold cucumbers or even used, cool teabags. These can offer quick relief since they help to constrict the blood vessels and provide a temporary boost to your circulation. For longer lasting results, consider using an under eye cream that contains potent moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, and skin peptides that are designed to reduce swelling and promote drainage of fluid. Once you decide on a product, use it regularly for best results. If you tend to have brown dark circles, first of all, don’t rub your eyes. I know, easier said than done sometimes! But do try to avoid that. If you have allergies, try some eye drops to help lessen the irritation during allergy season, or soothing drops if you have eye fatigue from sitting at the computer. If your dark circles are due to hyperpigmentation, try using a serum or eye cream designed to lighten and brighten your skin tone — and use it regularly for best results. Of course, in severe cases, and depending on what may be causing your dark circles you might want to consider talking with a dermatologist for additional recommendations. Your doctor may be able to suggest a prescription cream, or maybe even a laser treatment that might help. Head on over to to learn more. As always, thanks so much for watching! Please subscribe to our channel for more informational videos, and have a great day! SUBSCRIBE: MORE PRODUCT REVIEWS: Check Out These Recent Reviews and Informational Videos: About SYN-AKE — A Synthetic Skin Peptide : Spot On Blemish Soother: Unboxing: BIRCHBOX vs IPSY — April ipsy Connect with Us Online at These Social Media Platforms: FB: Pinterest: IG: Twitter: G+:

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