The Sacred Plant — An Exposé of Corruption

Do YOU have cancer? Are you in ‘remission’? Well I DO have/had cancer (see but so far (8 years) am dealing with it with a holistic plant based approach. It might be a LOT easier if I had medical cannabis/CBD readily available. Even better if I could grow the WEED in my backyard without corrupt gestapo government throwing me in jail for growing a WEED.

The ‘System’ is fixed and rigged by corrupt government agencies and officials who are owned by the healthcare industry, big pharmaceuticals and insurance corporations who Profit from treating (but Never ever curing) people of debilitating/horrendous diseases. They PROFIT from treating you to death with diabolical, barbaric, brutal drugs, poisons and radiation (remember radiation causes cancer@!). All for profit.

Now, those of you who know me, also know that I am a Free Enterprise PROFIT motivated person who loves to make an HONEST living but not at the cost of purposely harming another. That is sick and disgusting but we see it daily with the pompous assess who try to run our lives. Those assholes who think They know better that YOU how to run YOUR life. It doesn’t matter what political party, these assholes just love the power and corrupt graft they receive from their partners in industry who have no morals, no souls and don’t give a bloody Damn about you, your health or your family. As long as they get their piece of the profit from harming YOU and your family, they really don’t give a damn.

Watch the FREE episode two (2017.06.09) about the ‘Sacred Plant’ that has been curing/healing humans for eons. This simple ‘weed’ has been around for centuries and used by healers to treat, cure and reverse a plethora of diseases. Episode three of the seven-part series airs at 9pm (EST) tonight. This seven part series exposes the corruption and malfeasance of the political, medical and insurance/pharmaceutical cabal that is and has been suppressing healing modalities of this simple weed for decades!

Get the TRUTH about Hemp and Medical Marijuana. Don’t fall for the ridiculous hype from the corrupt government in Washington. They have a vested interest in keeping lifesaving drugs (cheap and almost free) from the marketplace. Between the drug, clothing, pharmaceutical and others, preventing the commercial production of Hemp and CBD demonstrates the massive corruption in government and the linkage (corrupt ownership) between Congress and vested interests (corporations).

The blatant corruption in the Federal Government is a disgrace. The Reason the Feds are against marijuana is that is interferes with the massive graft and kickback system from major healthcare industry powers and the nasty pharmaceuticals. They make Billion$ while Treating You to DEATH.

Learn the TRUTH about Hemp and Medical Marijuana

My name is Skip Stein, a Nutritional Holistic Cancer survivor, who treated myself by changing to a Plant Based Healthstyle when the medical profession failed me. Surviving for 8 years without traditional medical intervention I continue to seek resolution to the suppressed treatment that has helped me and can help so many. My story:

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